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Machine Main Body
  Molder makes all mode of Zuei Kuang glue spreader of steel which is formed and welded joint together so the body stronger than the structure made of angle steel or channels steel.
Transmission System
  Equipped 3HP motor and reducer with 3/4” chain wheel that provide a very high torque to the transmission unit.
Feeding Gate
  Electromotive prompt up-down system that provides the best adjustment, LED counter shows a clear dimension by encoder rotated. Besides, whole unit including coated roller and doctor roller can be rising and lowering at the same time.
Coating Roller
  Coating roller is made of thick wall pipe, cross beam and SCM-4 material shaft to weld joint together ; covered with special material of rubber, which can against acid alkali and abrasion. Besides, in both side of roller, we use special brassy alloy material that can against wearing out and glue leaking.
Doctor Roller
  Coating roller is also made of thick wall pipe, cross beam and SCM-4 material shaft to weld joint together; Stainless steel #304 on the surface of doctor roller before a accuracy processing to against the strong acid and alkali from the glue.
  Gear driving system can bear a heavy force that comes from doctor roller; to prevent damages from chain and cause coated roller to offer only a little glue on the surface of working item.
Crushing Mechanism
  In both sides of rise and lower mechanism, our glue spreader equipped with crushing spring. When uneven plate goes through for spreading, the spring will absorb the extra force to avoid machine damaged.
Safety System
  A: Emergency stop button – There are 3 buttons setting around the machine
B: Reverse of roller direction - this function is design for roller cleaning, avoids cleaner’s hand to roll into the roller


ZKF- 4S Single Side
ZKF- 4D Double Side
ZKF- 5D Double Side
Main Power
2 Hp Gear Reducer
3 Hp Gear Reducer
5 Hp Gear Reducer
Working Speed (optional inverter)
32 M/Min./60HZ
32 M/Min./60HZ
32 M/Min./60HZ
Feeding Gate Power
1/2 Hp Gear Reducer
1/2 Hp Gear Reducer
1/2 Hp Gear Reducer
Number Of Coating Roller
Number Of Doctor Roller
Number Of Feeding Roller
Max. Working Thickness
45 m/m.
45 m/m
45 m/m
Max. Working Width
Machine Dimension
2,110 m/m (L) X850 m/m (W) X1,550 m/m (H)
2,110 m/m (L) X1,000 m/m (W) X1,550 m/m (H)
2,410 m/m (L) X1,000 m/m (W) X1,550 m/m (H)
Machine Weight
1,000 KGs
1,260 KGs
1,560 KGs


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