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Fully Hydraulic System
  Low pressure power unit system design and large diameter of cylinders are used for cutting and pressing .
Three sets of safety unit
  (A) Operator can stop the action immediately after pushing any emergency button.
(B) Photoelectric sensor; it will stop action when hands of worker still keep in cutting area.
(C) Two hands operating when cutting
Three kinds of cutting operation
  (A) Inching - for adjust knife position or other adjusting.
(B) Semi-automatic - for angle cutting, or special purpose.
(C) Fully automatic - for normal operation or fancy veneer cutting. (an extra cutting button is setting under the work table,operator no need to hand up when operating in automatic mode )
LED Indicator
  LED indicator companies with ball screws and encoder provide high accuracy dimension of cutting. The LED indicator located at middle panel to show out the dimension.
Knife And Knife Frame
  The material of knife frame is forming of the material FCD with annealing process (anti-bend and warping), furthermore, the material of knife is ASP-23.
Straighten Mechanism Makes Knife Straight
  To against a worst knife grinder, Such as slicer knife, the guillotine equipped with straighten screws for you to straight knife if necessary.
Two Sets Ball Screw Synchronous Driven System
  Stop fence of veneer is moved by two sets of ball screw, and these ball screws synchronous are driven by the motor, it will make sure the same size of both sides of sized veneer. Other makers, they only equip one normal screw to move stop fence that will cause the different size of both sides of veneer.

Cutting System
Fully Hydraulic System
Main Cutting Power
7.5 HP With Hydraulic Power Unit
Stop Bar Power
1/2 HP Motor
Cutting Capacity
2,650 m/m (L) , 620 m/m (W) , 70 m/m (H)
Size Of Knife
2,780 m/m (L) X 145 m/m (W) X 19 m/m (T)
Size Of Pad
2,650 m/m (L) X 20 m/m (W) X 20 m/m (T)
Stop Bar Drive Screws
2 PCs. Of Ball Screw
Machine Dimension
4,050m/m(L) X 1,400m/m(W) X 2,000m/m(H)
Pallet Dimension
4,350m/m(L) X 1,400m/m(W)
Machine Net Weight
3,500 KGS
Machine Gross Weight
Dimension Control (Option)
Digital Counter+ Magnetic Scales


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