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Hydraulic Motor Power Block Clamps System
  Hydraulic motor clamps offer a high-pressure fixing force; the timber is fixed very stable during slicing. Cylinder type clamp will cause the timber position moved back during slicing for it's internal leaking happened, but motor clamp moved by screws that no way to move back during slicing.
Wide Range Of Feeding Adapter
  Based on the scale of feeding system operator can adjust the cutting range from 0.07m/m to 2.5m/m In one step, just turning hand wheel to remove the indicator to the number of thickness you need, the range of adjustment is quite simple.
Slide Table Moved In Low Friction Condition On The Slid Way
  There is a low friction material overlaid on the bottom of slide table that offer a less wearing moving, and no heating produced during moving action. The slide ways equipped with lubrication system, the lubricated pump supply large volume of lubricant offer slide moving in very smooth condition, and cool down the temperature of slide way.
Sliced Veneer Picked Out By Vacuum System

Sliced veneer will be picked out to outside of machine by vacuum conveyer, to avoid thin veneer being twisted while transferring from the slicing knife throughout the conveyor, the system also offers one side belt and keep veneer by vacuum force that no damage will happened in the period of time of moving out. Veneer coming out flatly by vacuum belts that easy for collection.

Special Flitch Clamp Design
  The shape of timber clamp designed in round type that the timber can be placed in high angle position, Round shape can clamp timber in any direction for this purpose the auxiliary clamps can be welded on the basement, it offer a rigid condition.
Pneumatic Control To Change The Clutch For Feeding System
  There is a clutch to change gear position from moving up and down of fixture table to thickness feeding, this moving action is controlled by pneumatic units. it is very easy and fast to change to the positions of both by only switch the button which is on the control panel.


Max. Working Ability
3,100m/m (L) , 600m/m (W) , 600m/m (H)
Knife Dimension
3,220m/m (L) X 180m/m (W) X 22-23m/m (T)
Pressure Bar Dimension
3,250m/m (L) X 145m/m (W) X 30m/m (T)
Slicing Speed
Max. 40 PCs/Min
Machine Net Weight
About 28 Tons
Machine Gross Weight
About 30 Tons
Main Slicing Power
40 Hp Variable Speed Motor
Clamps Power
10 Hp Hydraulic Pump With 20 PCs Hydraulic Motor
Vacuum Power
10 Hp With Blower
Fixture Table Raising Power
5 Hp With Gear Reducer
Raising & Feeding Control
Switch With Pneumatic System
utting Thickness Ability Range
0.07m/m ~2.5m/m
Thickness of Rest Flitch


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